Heavy Lifting
We do the heavy lifting for you

I need a professional website for my business but I can’t afford all of the upfront costs. What do I do?

Professional website design and development can be very costly $10-$20,000 to get started. For most smaller business and professional services the price is prohibitive. What are the alternatives available for your business website?

The very nature of website design and development is being transformed from a buy it to a rent it model. This is evident by all of the new services that allow you to build it yourself and have it hosted for a monthly fee. Although, this trend does have its pros and cons. In the short run, it is cheaper for a business or individual to get a website published and online. Some savvy business owners do know how to build a business website that will bear fruit. But for the majority of business owners it’s a daunting process with a steep learning curve. As the Internet expands in capabilities and services, from social media to drip campaigns, not everyone can be an expert. The core competency of what your business delivers is probably not website development.

I’m sure you have heard of Wix, SquareSpace or GoDaddy to name a few. All of these services offer a do-it-yourself website for a small monthly fee. But when it comes to the more sophisticated functionality there is little technical support offered and additional services are not free. This may seem like a good alternative to get your business running quickly and economically but in the long run, it does not keep up with the Joneses. The internet community is very savvy at consuming content and will shy away from a site that is not fully functional or poorly designed. It is a full-time job to keep your business and your website in peak condition in today’s marketplace.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us!

This is where Palm Beach Creative Design comes to the rescue. We now offer an affordable subscription based website that has many advantages, which include high quality, scalability, security, predictability, technology support and digital marketing. This way you can rely on the experts to make your business shine online! We take care of all of the hosting, technical support, security, design, messaging, SEO optimization, ADA compliance and software support. Our packages are designed with you in mind to allow the business owner to focus on what they do best to make money and leave the heavy lifting to us. From start-ups, small business, and mid-sized business, we have a package to meet your budget and business requirements.

This now allows you, the business owner to focus on the daily task that you are pursuing. As you online digital marketing team you have the confidence that your site is working for you and not against you. You have the peace of mind that your website is up and running and doing its job and any time you need support we are only a phone call away. So what are you waiting for? Get started with the Palm Beach Creative Design Monthly Website Design Service.