FTL Metrics

FTL Metric is a full-service performance testing company with years of experience servicing leading brands & company’s around the globe.. We provide superior test results that identifies how your website is performing and how we can increase delivery speed of information to your clients and customers. FTL Metrics came to PBCD for custom website design and development, One of our main goals wa to take a very complex business and communicate what it does in a direct manner. “Want to go fast? Get supersonic speed optimization and performance enhancements” coupled with the image of a supersonic sound barrier jet blasting through the atmosphere makes the bold statement and directly conveys the message. After the business rolled out with the new look and messaging there was an overwhelming positive response for FTL Metrics clients and staff.

ClientFTL MetricsServicesCreative Design, Art Direction, Custom Website Design, Application UI/UX, Print Collateral, Online MarketingYear2019Linkftlmetrics.com

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